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Many moons ago, with my hands in fixer, I would watch my captured images magically appear in my basement darkroom.  My interest in photography was intense that I attended two years of formal training at Sheridan College.  I excelled in the program, shot commercially for a short period of time before choosing a different career path.  For a while I was content shooting family vacations, and more recently, my daughter's swim meets.  However, friends asked me to shoot a wedding or take a head shot, and I really enjoyed each opportunity.  In this day 'n age I don't soak my hands in chemicals anymore, but I rather perform a final edit in apps such as Photoshop on my computer.   Photography continues to entertain me, and I am hungry for more!

During daylight hours, as part of a team, I keep a network of 500+ computers running at the office, but at any time I gladly pick up my digital SLR  to capture the moment of any event.

Over the years photography has evolved and it has become very accessible, film is really inexpensive these days, and anyone can take a picture with their mobile phone.  Still I believe that I have an edge and ability to get a better shot than most.   I prefer a natural and casual approach, or in my opinion, the best shots are captured on the fly and not so much staged.

T 250 884 6295

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